Companies are usually divided into two categories: product or service companies. And more and more they offer both. When thinking about innovation, we naturally think of new products, new services, new business models. And while we need to develop those to continue being competitive, we also need to look at company culture and ways of working or collaborating.

Good collaboration is just as important as good ideas

When we spoke to many HR leaders, their priority for developing or innovating in the company would be the ways of working and collaborating, naturally.

I think this is very important, because you may have the best product idea, but if your team does not collaborate well and does not aim for the same goal, it won’t be a success. Naturally, even if you would have the best team and great company culture, if the product or service would not be great, success does not come either.

So, they are equally important and shall be treated as a key priority, both.

The world is changing faster than ever

We face changes faster than ever before. Everything around us is changing and disruption is happening everywhere. If we stay satisfied with our status quo today, our business won’t do well tomorrow. We all need to constantly think of what can we do better and how.

And the way to generate new ideas has also improved. With many neuroscience research studies on how our brain works, we also know that innovative people are not born, but made. We all can be very innovative. It’s a skill, which you need to practice and the more you practice it, the better it gets. And we believe that training people in the companies for innovation skills shall be also on a high agenda of every company who wants to succeed in the future, too.

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