When we create new products, services or ideas, we are creative. But innovation comes only when we implement our creativity. And disruption is the type of innovation, which disrupt the whole industry or even creates a new one.

We all would love to invent something truly cool and disruptive, however not all of us devote enough time for development activities. We get stuck with executing our work, making ourselves busy, reacting on other’s needs and often just execute the business demand. With all that work we don’t invest enough time for business development and innovation. We get caught in daily operation and have no time to think about the future.

Brainstorming is dead

And sometimes, one of the reasons could be, that we have bad experience from team brainstorming meetings, sitting around the office table, trying our ideas to come across. Often we don’t feel heard and then eventually stop trying to bring in any new ideas. Why should we when we feel like no-one actually cares? Or even worst, when our ideas are shot down right away! Traditional quick brainstorming meetings are just not enough anymore today.

But imagine to do it differently. Imagine you would go out of the office, have lots of fun and team discussions in a well-moderated way, where everyone needs to speak up and no one can smash ideas (no matter what the idea is…). The whole day had a very positive tone, with great spirit, good relaxed atmosphere, nice friendly discussions where you get to know your colleagues on a much deeper level. And you have lots of laughs together, too. You don’t sit, you move, dance or walk, go out for a short walk to smell the fresh air, listen to your surroundings or taste some food blind-folded. You listen to some great classical music and visualize some concrete task. That way you bring your mind into a very different state.

Ideas which you produce when in that state are for sure very different than in an office environment.

Create like an artist

And that’s how artists create. They have fun, they feel inspired, they are in a different state of the mind. And when they are, the magic happens.

And we all can get there, if the session is prepared well. Magic does not happen when you have a meeting room booked for a limited time and there is no good preparation.

And magic won’t happen either when people don’t feel safe.

In our Path2Innovate workshops, we facilitate those magical moments of creating something new. And we are proud of being able to help companies to bring new ideas into the world. In a playful way, great spirit, team collaboration and without any deadlines.

If you need really new ideas, you have to do it in a new way. Please contact us for more information.

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